Enter a comma separated list of channels to join.


Enter account information if you want to be able to send messages.

Don't have a token? Paste the token from Chatterino here instead.

Caution: be aware that the OAuth token gives access to your Twitch account. Do not share your OAuth token with services you do not trust, including this one. Your OAuth token will be stored in LocalStorage on your browser.

Planned features

  • Easier channel management and ability to reconfigure without reconnecting
  • Channel badges
  • Emote tab-completion and picker
  • Authentication (without having to paste your OAuth token)
  • Longer term: horizontal/vertical splits
  • Bandwidth saving options: don't join channel if not visible
  • Control scrollback history (performance)
  • Horizontal scrolling on the channel selector
  • Multiple accounts


This Twitch chat client is made by @cbdg. The goal of this client is to have a fast, extensionless web client with integrated support for FrankerFaceZ and BetterTwitchTV emotes. It takes inspiration from the official Twitch chat client and Chatterino.